Adaptability Can Create Ability

Adaptability Can Create Ability

Debbie Leonard

Hi my name is Debra (Debbie) Leonard and I was born in England in 1960. 

When I was born my left arm just below the elbow was missing. I find doing things with only one hand can be a bit of a challenge, it can take me a bit longer and I sometimes have to do things that look a bit odd! 

I got into horses in England at the age of eight, then came out to Australia in the early 70's where I lived on a horse stud farm in Melbourne for two years.

I moved to Perth and was able to ride and help with the Riding for the Disabled Association for many years, then worked in a show jumping stud for several more years. 

In 1997 I moved down to Boyup Brook in South Western Australia and got back into horses after a 10-year break from them. After losing my best equine mate of 17 years I felt I was still at a stage in my life where I wanted to continue riding and have recently bought a 10-year-old western trained quarter horse gelding called Mr T.

Mr T is still getting used to me riding him in an English style with one arm and we have had some new partnership problems under saddle. 

I booked into the Emmett 4 Horses Short Course wanting to improve the bond with my horse and help him with his sore spots so we could enjoy riding together.

I was a bit concerned how I would be able to perform the Emmett releases and get through the course only having one hand but with my Emmett Tutor, Susan's, help and making some little changes for me I was able to do it.  It all worked out and I had a fantastic, enjoyable day with my horse.

Despite the hurdles in life, I always seem to get things done and I'm a handy person to have around ha ha!

“I’ve found The Emmett Technique very adaptable for everyone and easy to learn”


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