"Both great instructors, enough informant delivered at the right time and plenty of time to process and practice. Really felt that the horse benefited so i am eager to try at home. It feels good to have effected some change related then just have a head full of theory, so thank you both heaps."


To be able to help an animals that gives nothing but honest reactions and unconditional affection is truly an amazing feeling.
Thank you Ross for creating EMMETT 4 Dogs, and thank you Sharon for travelling to Melbourne to teach us.


This work is great in fully balancing the dog's musculoskeletal system.
Sharon does a great job and is patient with all participants.


EMMETT 4 Dogs is definitely complementary to other therapies. It is low impact and works well on cats as well. The course was well run and informative, and Leanne was a great instructor.


The short course I recently attended was fabulous. The tutor Leanne was an awesome instructor - funny, patient and knowledgable. The venue of Diggiddy Doggy Daycare was easy to get to.


I recently attended the Short Course 4 Dogs in Melbourne - I was worried beforehand but soon learned that it is presented in a non-technical way. I was easily able to learn it, given my zero animal theory. I would highly recommend everyone do this course.


I loved the course, initially though i would just do module 1 for general interest but loved it so much i want to continue

Michelle Goodick

I loved Lindas energy and enthusiasm for Emmett and for dogs. Linda has a great knowledge that sh has been able to share in relation to animals. Lindas style is easy to follow she is always approachable to answer any questions.


Thank you, Pedro, for an informative day with Emmett Therapy. I would definitely recommend all Emmett Practitioners to experience Emmett for Horses. :)


The difference in my horses temperament before and after the treatment was outstanding. He was very chilled in a relatively short space of time. Certainly much more relaxed.


Excellent course, amazing wow moments, highly recommend it and this is only the short course.


Well delivered, even understood it as a middle aged confused woman! Took copious notes and will go home to decipher & practice! Thank you from myself and on behalf of my animals.


I really enjoyed this course, was a lot of info to take in, but was great to have some work on us prior to working on the horses to get a better understanding.


I thoroughly enjoyed my course. I loved the contact with horses & really enjoyed watching the teachers helping the horses being corrected. To see 'instant' results was very exciting. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. I'm very excited to start practicing on my own horses- & I'm looking forward to learning some more.


I am astounded at the fantastic results I saw on all of the horses we worked with. I look forward to practicing the corrections on my own horses and would highly recommend this course to all horse riders-owners.


I have just completed my practitioner day after level 4 in dogs with Linda Cause.

I just wish to have it noted that Linda is an absolute credit to Ross and the Emmett Technique. She has a fantastic approach, teaching style and a genuine care for all coming through. Linda has changed my life and nurtured my passion for animals and I will be forever in her debt". (Monique Hutchinson – Perth WA)


My dog had been at the emergency vet for nearly 48 hrs as a result of an obstruction in her stomach that involved surgery. She had not eaten since, in nearly 60 hours.

I came into the vet with bbq chicken and her favourite treat in the hope that she would eat and I could take her home.

She was not interested in the food at all. She would pick it up and drop it. I tried different ways for ten minutes and managed to get her to eat half a pea size piece, and she looked really uncomfortable swallowing.
The nurse came back and I said her throat seemed sore and that she didn't like swallowing. The nurse didn't seem to think there was a reason that she should be.

When the nurse left the room, I did the neck release, the jaw/tongue and the double release. I figured at this point I had nothing to lose. She is a dog that is usually quite reactive to treatment but I got very little response from her until the third move on the jaw/tongue. She just paused still for what seemed like an eternity.

Three minutes later she was eating without a problem and in perfect timing for the vet to walk in and see she was eating and actively seeking food. She wasn't allowed home if she wasn't eating!

I started EMMETT 4 Dogs to be able to treat my dogs for dog sports, but I never realised just how much I would use it in so many scenarios.


This course is probably life-changing. Seeing the profound results produced by raw beginners is absolutely eye-popping!


Great course. Could see it has very positive results. Neil was always very patient and encouraging.


Thank you Sharon for your careful, patient instruction and fantastic communication this year. The skills set and network we have all built will no doubt help many dogs far and wide, well into the future.


Many thanks for your patience and guidance Sharon, in teaching me Emmett 4 Animals. You have been a wonderful instructor and I admire your passion and belief in the technique to help both animals and people. I can't wait to continue to use Emmett to help my patients, family and friends.


I love learning the Emmett Technique to work in conjunction with saddle fitting.
It actually makes my fitting occupation harder and more timely, but a lot more effective.

Kelly, Saddle Fitter, Bodywork

The movements learnt in Level 1 will be useful to help correct problems with my horses.
You can see changes in the horse very quickly.

Kerri, breeding, training & shoeing horses

Love working with horses and love learning how to make them perform better and feel better.
The course with Tony was great!!!
It was amazing to see how the little things make a huge difference.


Thanks Tony!
I was very excited to see the results both subtle and dramatic from such an apparently "simple" technique.
I can't wait to complete further modules and integrate this skill into my veterinary practice as I have been seeing a need for a similiar therapy for some time.

Libby, Veterinary Surgeon


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